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Ed DonGilli, host of "Radio Ruminate" every Monday night from ten o'clock to midnight, grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, though he has considered Oregon his home since moving there after meeting his wife Jennifer in 1993. Ed and his family's first experience in the Southwest was in 2012 when they moved to Fort Defiance, Arizona. After moving back to Oregon in 2014, they returned to Fort Defiance when the opportunity presented itself last year. "I missed the Southwest very much after I left and am grateful and excited to be back," Ed says. When people ask Ed why he does a radio show that encompasses "dark and depressing" music, he explains it this way: "I don't believe just because music is slow, or dark, or lyrically takes on topics that are thought-provoking or deep, necessarily make it depressing. On the contrary! For me that type of music has the capability of bringing emotional healing, it can bring emotional freedom, or even a deeper understanding of self. I understand that many people may be reluctant to fully engage and feel their full range of emotions. Hence, the Radio Ruminate motto...'Don't be afraid to feel the music.'" In the past, Ed has lived in England, Botswana, as well as numerous places here in the United States. He credits these diverse experiences for his love and appreciation of different peoples and cultures. Over the years, Ed has been a radio host on KOTO Telluride, Colorado and KMUZ in Salem, Oregon. In addition to his daughter Sierra, Ed is also the proud father to three "Rez" dogs and one senior Siberian Husky.




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